Sonics by Joachim GerhardJoachim Gerhard  : .." a  musical reproduction which makes you forget time and space - the perfect illusion.

To this aspiration I have been devoting 30 years of my life. My Sonics loudspeakers come as close to this ambition as never before. By systematically drawing on the latest scientific findings and a meticulous acoustic finetuning, the boundaries of conventional technology are overcome. Through an open window we are looking upon the world of sounds. This experience triggers a deep-felt satisfaction and makes us forget the stress of our modern age for a short while.
I give special attention to the design of our products. We feel ourselves connected to the great tradition of Scandinavian and Italian design and in particular to the Bauhaus. In my opinion design must always be progressive and exciting and yet be able to integrate into any living room interior.

If you find as much enjoyment in our creations as we do, we may soon welcome you to the exclusive circle of Sonics owners."

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