EpozThe Creek and Epos brands began their lives in England in the early eighties, literally within a few months of each other, and were first introduced into Australia in the mid eighties by Concept Audio, a company which was sold several years later to a larger conglomerate.


From the mid nineties both brands were represented by a Victorian based company, Synergy Audio Visual. That company undertook a change in direction which resulted in their attention moving away from the key market area which fits Creek and Epos.


As a consequence, in late 2005 the mutual decision was reached that the Australian distribution of these two brands would be better suited to a company whose attentions were centred on one of life’s more simple pleasures – listening to and enjoying music!


It was in 1999 that Michael Creek of Creek Audio in the U.K. decided to purchase the Epos brand. Since that time both Creek and Epos products have been developed under Mike’s guidance. Whilst both brands enjoy substantial success in their own right, it makes sense that, when partnered together, they bring out the best in each other. When a change of distribution in the Australian market became necessary Mike was keen to have an input into what went on from that time on and encouraged the formation of a new company to market his brands..

Jacki, who is the M.D.of Epoz in Australia, was initially a part owner of Concept Audio, the original Australian importer of Creek and Epos. She has spent almost all her working life involved in the distribution of audio and other related products in Australia.. After the sale of Concept Audio.she established Architectural Audio Design and spent ten years working in the custom audio sector of the market. Towards the end of that period her attention was focused around the home integration opportunities provided by Lutron lighting control systems. In 2001 she took a break and headed for the U.K. to experience life on that side of the world. After just a few months she began working with Mike Creek heading up the international sales and marketing for both Creek and Epos.

When the opportunity arose, Mike and Jacki together decided the time was right for the products to be handled in Australia by a company under their joint guidance. He knows the products, she knows and understands the market – they both enjoy the simple pleasure of sitting back and listening to music the way it was meant to be heard. And so it was that in August 2005, Epoz was born.


Working initially with only the Creek and Epos to re-establish the brands in the Australian market, it was not until late in 2007 that the first product designed in Australia solely for Epoz was introduced.  Development on this product began not long after Epoz was established as it became apparent very early that there was a gap waiting to be filled. Two years later the result proved to have been well worth the wait when the first AktiMate Mini was released.

AktiMate has captivated the attention of the market - its pedigree sets it apart from other products offering an iPod solution. Yet it is far more than just an iPod related product. Winner of numerous awards in its first year, AktiMate became the choice of the U.K.'s What Hi-Fi magazine to feature in their first ever online product review. As a consequence Epoz has gone on to develop a good international market for what is now a well recognised Aussie product.

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